The rental checklist you need for apartment viewings
Donovan Shuler
4 min read

Check, check, and check! Here's a helpful guide to learn what to look for when viewing your next apartment.

Once you find an apartment that you're interested in, it's almost vital to view it as fast as you can. There are about 2,654 new renters every day, according to Zebra's 2021 statistics. Competition across rental markets means you have limited time to get a glimpse at what your next space will look like.

Do your research before you go to your next apartment walkthrough and use our ultimate rental viewing checklist:

Before You Enter:

[ ] View your parking space if included, and examine the street to see parking availability.

[ ] Make sure all entryways and gates are secure and functioning properly.

[ ] Examine the building’s shared amenities to see their quality and upkeep.

[ ] Check the overall quality of the building’s hallways, lighting, and infrastructure.

Living Room:

[ ] Check the front door lock, deadbolt, and chain for sturdiness. Ensure that all screws are securely attached to the door frame.

[ ] Listen to the apartments above/below you to see if there are any obvious noises or movements.

[ ] Make sure windows are secure to avoid drafts and sound bleeding.


[ ] Run the kitchen sink to see how fast it takes for the water to get cold/hot.

[ ] Open cabinets to check for squeaking, insects, and shelf conditions.

[ ] Feel for the temperature of the fridge/freezer, and test if the ice maker and water filter function properly.

[ ] Test the oven, microwave, and other appliances to make sure they are all in working order.


[ ] Make sure the toilets flush.

[ ] Ensure that drains in all sinks and showers are not clogged by running water.

[ ] Check if the shower heads work and that the water pressure is not too low.


[ ] Check closet areas for storage space.

[ ] Ensure ceiling fan and lights work.


[ ] Ask if the property was recently treated for pest control.

[ ] Check the floors and walls for any scuffs or damage.

[ ] Ensure that walls and baseboards are crack-free (cracks, could be a sign of structural damage).

[ ] Are the carpets clean or will they be cleaned prior to moving in?

[ ] Do all the cabinets/drawers all open and close with ease?

[ ] Check to make sure blinds pull up and down without a jam.

[ ] Test the sinks to make sure they're leak-free (turn on the water and make sure the pipes do not leak).

[ ] Does the hot water turn on within seconds?

[ ] Test that the batteries in the fire alarms aren't dead.

[ ] Ensure that all windows/doors open and close properly.

[ ] Check that locks for doors/windows are secure.

[ ] Does every light switch work properly?

[ ] Try testing that every outlet works by bringing a phone charger and plugging your phone into every outlet.

[ ] Ask about air conditioning and heating systems.

Don’t be afraid to customize the apartment viewing checklist to include certain criteria you're looking for. You rarely have an opportunity to look at an apartment more than once before applying so make sure you know what you're looking for!