About Us
Our Mission
To lead a movement that centers humanity at the heart of housing, forever changing the relationship between residents and home providers.
About WYL
Building the world’s most trusted rental community
WYL has resident reviews in over 350 U.S. cities and our review standards help promote safety and belonging for everyone. We provide a platform residents can use to amplify their voice with a process that takes a few minutes enabling them to share their honest, authentic rental experiences.
Humanity at the heart of housing
Our goal is to ensure that every home provider-resident interaction is about the person in the home, not just the profit of the space. In today’s culture, relationships are everything, and good hospitality and service is expected.
Anonymity and safety are our key priorities
Your security and trust are important to us. That’s why we make it our number one commitment to make sure your personal details stay private. That means no home provider on our platform has access to your user information, allowing you to provide 100% authentic reviews.
Why Reviews Matter
Learn before you lease
Turn your next apartment into your new home. We want to inspire our residents to feel empowered and inspire home providers to build something meaningful and long-lasting with their residents. Read reviews of home providers to get an idea of what residents have to say—before you move in.
Closing the feedback loop
WYL makes renting more transparent for residents and home providers. We enable renters to share anonymous feedback and reviews that we turn into analytics and insights, guiding home providers (owners/operators) to enhance the residential experience with higher quality service. Information, transparency, and empowerment are our top priorities.
Housing resources
Whether you’re a resident or home provider, WYL’s Resource Hub has everything you need as you navigate your rental journey including in-depth guidance, news, and inspiration to help you become empowered and informed. Find answers and get inspired in your home experience.
How To Get Started
Create a profile for your home provider
Assuming your home provider (landlord, property manager) or building isn’t on our platform already, residents can create a profile for them and leave a review. Every review brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of creating a more transparent housing industry.
Read and share reviews
Providing feedback about your home provider can help improve the experience for yourself and future residents, informing your home provider (and your community) of what you loved (or didn’t love) about your home and experience living there
Make sure your profile is up to date
By keeping your resident profile current, we can make sure we’re providing you with all the relevant content and insights you need.