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Lisa Peng is the ***** of the Earth. I an...
Lisa Peng is the ***** of the Earth. I answered an ad on Craigslist for an apartment in Pittsburgh's east end. The tennant was leaving and needed to sublet. I came over to check the place out. At first glance, the place seemed fine enough for me. I was only looking for something temporary. I agreed to take over the sublet. The tennant gave me Lisa's number, and I called her to arrange everything. As it turns out, Lisa is a Chinese immigrant who speaks broken English. It took me a while to arrange everything with her, but we eventually settled on a move in date. By the tine that date had come, I had packed my things in a Uhaul and showed up at the apartment at the time we had agreed upon. She was nowhere to be found, so I called her. She said she had to go pick her daughter up, and wouldn't be able to make it that day. She told me that I could move in, and she woukd bring the necessary paperwork tomorrow. Meanwhile; as Im moving in, the former tennant is moving out. She kept asking me for a deposit check. I tried to explain to her how that's not my problem, but she insisted. I was exhausted and just wanted to get this move over with. I wrote her a check for the deposit and told her she couldn't deposit it until Friday when I get paid. (I was just going to cancel the check as doon as she left me alone) Sure enough, she left after she got the check. About a half hour later, I get a call from Lisa, scteaming at me that I can't move in because I don't have money, and she wants me out. Apparently, the tennant contacted Lisa and told her about the check she couldn't deposit until Friday. By thus point, I'm already livid. Seeing as how she couldn't even be bothered to show up to give me a contract to sign; I knew she wouldn't show up that night to try to evict me, so I dpent the night there at my new apartment. Lisa had eventually agreed to show up with a contract so long as I gave her first month's rent and a deposit in cash. I got the cash and waited for her. She was supposed to show up at 6pm. She showed up around 7. I showed her that I had the money, and asked her to show me the contract. She told me she forgot it. I told her that she will not get one cent from me u til I see a contract. She starts cussing me out like this was my fault. I ignore her and go back to my room. She decided to follow me, cussing me out the entire way and demanding that I leave. She eventually called the cops. I welcomed it because I could explain my situation to someone with some ***** sense. When the cops showed up, I asked them if I could explain my situation. I told them everything I just told you. The cops then soent the next half hour explaining to Lisa why she was wrong, and an idiot, and why I'm not leaving. During that half hour, Lisa was so beligerent that one of the cops ended screaming at her at the top of his lungs. I was honestly concerned that he was going to use his tazer. Lisa had to be escorted from my apartment by the cops that night, and made to promise she would come back the next day, apologize and go over the contract with me, which she did. She was very concerned about the amount of things I had brought into this completely unfurnished apartment though. In fact, she was angry that I had intended to use the unfurnished common area without paying extra rent, but she eventually learned she was powerless to stop me, and that she would not be charging me extra. I later learned from my other roommates a number of other horror stories regarding Lisa. Eventually, the fridge woukd break down, and soon after the freezer would die too. I texted Lisa about my situation and she suggested that I enter the apartment under renovation on the floor below me and take their fridge. I asked if she was going to have someone move it for me, and she said I could move it. There was aldo an incident in which a toilet flooded on the first floor and wouldn't stop. The water eventually flooded most of the basement. Thankfully, my items in storage down there were not damaged. That said, I texted her as the situation was unfolding that night. I tokd her that the fire department had shown up. She never responded. Every communication I had with her since moving in had been through SMS text. I did this intentionally after learning what a ***** bag she is, I needed evidence in case I had to take her to court. Sure enough, on moving out, she stiffed me on my deposit saying I left the kitchen filthy and it needed to be cleaned up. This was a lie. For starters, I'm a professional chef. I'm practically incapable of leaving a messy kitchen. On top of that, in the month before I moved out, she had moved in two new tennants to my apartment wh used the kitchen regularly. The mess was theirs. Either way, Im working on taking her to court for my deposit, and perhaps for mail fraud. She had establised the address of the apartment building as a business. In trying to transfer my mail delivery to a new address; I found out that you can't transfer a business address to a residential address. There seems to be no way the post office can fix it either. I have missed important tax documents in the mail because kf this, and had to file an extension on my taxes so I can get thus all sorted out and find a way to get my documents. This woman is a terrible human being. I haven't even told half of the stories I have of her in this rant. She is absolute trash. Avoid her like the plague!!