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I came to Philadelphia "blind." It was a...
I came to Philadelphia "blind." It was at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, so I was given a "virtual tour" rather than an actual one, but it was true to the experience. The rent I pay is better than comparable to prices in the area. While the conditions may not be "spacious" or "luxurious," they are just fine for my needs. The management has been responsive whenever repairs have needed to be met, so I cannot complain.
I've rented from WRoss for almost 3 year...
I've rented from WRoss for almost 3 years and had no problems in this house that weren't addressed well and quickly. The office person is nice, courteous and communicates well. The maintenance staff is good and trustworthy. These old houses are not perfect but if there's an issue, they are on it. I emailed over the weekend about a dripping faucet. They fixed it on Monday. Good landlord experience.
I’m a newer resident haven’t had much in...
I’m a newer resident haven’t had much interaction with the owner but I can say the Office Manager is phenomenal. She is friendly and professional. She goes above and beyond to take of any concerns I have. Maintenance requests are also taken care in a prompt and timely manner.
This landlord has used pyramid debt to b...
This landlord has used pyramid debt to buy up a huge swath of the affordable housing inventory in Germantown and East Falls. The conditions at his rental properties are very slummy. Mice, ants, roaches, mold, mildew, peeling paint, weeds, leaves, trash, debris, ***** windows/floors/walls. Shared appliances that don't get cleaned or serviced. Shared space that isn't cleaned or maintained. Language in his lease that attempts to put tenants in charge of all upkeep. Housing projects in North Philadelphia receive more care and attention than any of his properties. Avoid this landlord. Pay the extra $200/month to live in a place that is properly maintained. **He will occasionally reach out to friends to ask for 5 star reviews on this site and others. They are batched together which makes it very obvious**
The worst landlord I've ever had. When I...
The worst landlord I've ever had. When I moved it the place was full of mice. Takes ages for a response to fix anything. The recent reviews must be fake/from his friends because there is no way anyone would review him positively.
I don't understand the negative remarks ...
I don't understand the negative remarks here. I'm a long-term tenant who's altogether satisfied. Whenever there's a maintenance problem (which is seldom), Bill & Co. are quick to respond & send skilled professionals to solve the problem. Then, Ashley in the office follows up to make sure the fix was done. In my experience, Mr. Ross cares about his properties, offers value, and respects his tenants--and I don't think you can ask for more.
I knew Bill from a community event befor...
I knew Bill from a community event before I lived in one of his places. When my old rental was sold out from under me, I called Bill and told him what I needed. He found it for me quickly, and I enjoyed the place. After a few years, I decided I needed more space, and he found me a place right next door that fit my needs perfectly. I am still there now, years later. I have no intention of moving unless I win the lottery, which we all know is far less likely than it has been for me to find a good situation such as I have had since 2008.
The previous reviews are not true overal...
The previous reviews are not true overall and disrespectful towards people in this community. I have lived in several of the Ross properties,I know everyone spoken about very well and had only great experiences. As a rental you are in this place for a reason,anything over 3years is on you to move out and onwards. If you want to spend $2k/mo in a nicer area with the newer appliances you can do so on every block in this city,take some initiative towards making it a better living situation or spend $300k on some house with the same maintenance needs.
William Ross/East Falls Apartments LLC i...
William Ross/East Falls Apartments LLC is literally the definition of a slumlord. He owns hundreds of properties in East Falls and Germantown. Practically all of the community members disapprove of him. Every tenant of his I have talked to has reported the same issues as us: the place was trashed upon move in and infested with mice and roaches, appliances were unusable and it took several months to get things in working order. We had to fight tooth and nail for him to fix anything in the house. His assistant would dodge our calls. The workers are nice, but sometimes incompetent. Bill (William Ross) would come by unannounced and yell at and insult the workers and us. He is a horrible human being and even worse business man. Do not rent from him.
This rental in germantown started off fi...
This rental in germantown started off fine. The building was old and rundown along with the apartment being dated but it wasn’t horrible. At the end of our lease they really started to try and nickle and dime us. We did not cancel our lease within the 60 day mark only a few days shy, not to mention no one from there office reached out to us either, and this started a several month battle of them trying to squeeze any money out of us. I hate to write badly about anyone but do not rent from him.