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Also, where the apartment driveway sits,...
Also, where the apartment driveway sits, it is on a very busy intersection. Good luck making a left turn out to the street during rush hour. There have been quite a few accidents at this intersection. When I first moved in, neither of my bathroom doors shut properly. Both doors were warped so badly that there was a three inch gap from the door frame. I have now had 2 stoves replaced because of heating issues. But again, why are you charging me a fee for the gate when the darn thing never works properly! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. They will not take your concerns seriously and will blow you off. Not to mention that they charge you when you move out for cleaning and carpet cleaning. So much for normal wear and tear on the carpets. The police come to our apartment complex on a regular basis. I would not recommend this place for any one that has children. You will not be able to let them play outside without supervision no matter how old they are.