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Keene, NH

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This was a long time ago, but the experience was so traumatic that it still stays with me a decade later. We were four college girls renting a two bedroom house from Warren, and he would show up constantly without notice. He also entered the property when we were not home (without notice and without reason). He was a bully, made us feel uncomfortable, and if he is still an active landlord I advise you to look elsewhere for a lease.
I am not still living there. I do not know why that was checked. He would show up unannounced ALL THE TIME and barge in because it was "his property." Without any reason. I had a roommate that was a thief and, as they were probably 'involved', he turned a blind eye to her parties and whatnot. Of course she would have them when I was visiting family and I would return to urine soaked floors, etc. He didn't care. I could write a book about this slumlord weirdo but I chose to take the high road. Hopefully karma will come his way
I lived with 2 other girls and whenever he would contact us about anything, like giving us less than 24 hours notice to when he was showing the house, he would only tell one of my roommates. He never got back to me when I had a problem and would ignore questions I had. We paid for snow removal however the only way he did this was with a plow. So when our cars were stuck in the drive way my roommates and I were the ones shoveling snow. I just got my refund check and none of the charges seem fair, $65 to vacuum stairs?! And 600 a month is pretty steep for what we paid for. He also just assumes that when winter break rolls around he can shut the heat off, never checking with us if we would be around. Do not rent with Warren or B and W Properties!