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Walnut Realty Group

Philadelphia, PA

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Let me list everything that happened. Walnut realty scheduled the previous tenant move out the day before we moved in but also scheduled construction to be done on the day of move in! The workers were not told we were moving in and were hesitant to allow us to leave our belongings there. We were told finally we could but that we could not stay on site. What they didn't tell us is that they were also changing the locks. It would be several days before we could get a hold of walnut realty to get keys to our own apartment. When allowed back in we observed the "emergency construction crew" that was paid overtime to work "with all haste" was two guys in a broken down white van and their young cousin. They were trying to replace carpet, demo a wall, paint, repair plumbing, redo electrical work all on the days we were to be first moving in and setting up. They spilled sewage from a septic pump on the floor, bypassed an electrical meter with a raw strip of aluminum between the contacts, installed the wrong kind of septic pump (had to be told it was a septic pit and they couldn't install a sump pump), improperly set the water heater temp, forgot to cut whole in the carpet to put the HVAC grilles back in, left holes in the walls... the list goes on. Walnut realty was completely unresponsive during this time, they would not answer phone calls, emails, and were not present in their office during their stated office hours despite us essentially camping at their door. Any and all instances of problems went like this with any question against their procedures being met with immediate threats and insults. This is a company that mostly deals with college students and gets by with bullying them into submission. They know college kids don't have the time, money or knowledge to fight them on their multitude of code violations, poor service, or half measure repairs. Avoid dealing with them at all costs!


I had signed a lease to move into a brand new apartment complex with Walnut Realty Group. The showing went great and I loved the place. After signing the lease, I read all of these negative reviews about Walnut Realty Group, and honestly was like 'what have I done?!' --- I tried to stay positive and give WRG the benefit of the doubt and hoped everything would be fine with my lease. But of course like everyone else I was wrong. Fast forward to the week I am supposed to move in: our landlord tells me that they do not have the building permits and that move in can be pushed back to up to 21 days "worst case scenario"... I am expecting move in that week and my current lease was ending. I had no place to stay and no other options. I chose to back out of that lease with WRG. I found a new place within 24 hours, signed a completely new lease with a great company (highly responsive in comparison to WRG's 48-72 hour response window). It was not even worth trying to work something out, because in the end it just seems they are just trying to make a profit and actually do not care about the people staying at their properties. Trust these other reviews, I tried to give WRG a chance and ended up stuck in a similar situation to all of these poor souls below.


Superb service, Walnut Reality is everything I could ask for. I could not be more content with the place that I call my home.



We were the unfortunate victims of Walnut Realty without our say. We moved into a brand new building with a wonderful company. They sold the building to the Devil a month in. We were not notified of the switch in companies and were not given contact information phone or email to contact them. One day later on the 2nd we received a letter on our door saying they were going to call the police and have us evicted if we did not pay our rent by 9pm with a 100 dollar late fee EACH (I had 6 roommates). They STILL did not provide us with a number, an email, or a way for us to even know who were were paying our rent to. Eventually we got a nasty email from Libby telling us how unprofessional we were and that if we were not careful and pay our rent ASAP they would kick us out right away. We paid our rent that day and things got much worse from there. For months we called them trying to get the electricity put in our name, however they don't answer any emails or phone calls and when the phone is answered the person told us they were a third party answering company and don't know a single thing about Walnut, they just relay messages (THAT NEVER GET ANSWERED). Finally in January the lights in our STEEP FOUR STORY hallway to our front door went out and it was pitch black. We couldn't get a hold of anyone to do anything about it. A week the power in our house was shut off too. We were without power for two days before they emailed us with the account registration number we needed to put the bill in our name (because it was a brand new building). On top of all of this any time our appliances went out they never came to fix them, we got bed bugs two days after moving in and had to take care of extermination ourselves. We had a ridiculous number of ants and flies they wouldn't do anything about, our air conditioning went out for two weeks during the 110+ degree heat wave (records for the city). They would also enter at any time during the day without any notice and one time we printed out the lease and showed them at the door that we require 24 hr notice and would not let them in, the guy literally SHOVED THE DOOR OPEN AND SLAMMED IT INTO MY ROOMMATE TO GET IN THE HOUSE. We asked for his name so that we could report the incident and he said he doesn't even work for the company that hes just one of the employee's brothers. When the viewing party asked us what we liked/didn't like about the apartment we were honest and told them everything they have put us through. The realtor came back twenty minutes later and verbally threatened us to stop spreading slander about them or they would sue us. They sold the apartment to someone else three days before we moved out and when we moved out they took our entire $3,000 security deposit to pay for the PECO bill that WE ALREADY PAID FOR AND HAD PROOF FROM A PECO representative that we did. It took a year of going back and forth between them not answering us and this new company saying they don't have our money and a lawsuit to win our money back. LIVE ON THE STREET BEFORE YOU LIVE WITH WALNUT. You will be more safe, comfortable, and respected there.


Weirdly, 3 days before the lease ended, it was taken over by another company who ended up not returning the security deposit. When we questioned Walnut- who we signed the lease with-they said they couldn't do anything about it. Interesting arrangement between the two companies. Another issue was the heating system went in the middle of winter. Their response time was horrendous and Libby is one of the most unprofessional people we have ever encountered. Be prepared for nasty emails.



I've lived at a lot of apts in North Philly area and none compare to WRG. Matt Leary was super helpful and made everything so easy for me while living there



I Stayed in Walnut realty apartments in Philly for 3 months. Well less than 3 because I got kicked out early so they could have the next people move in, during the last week, the agents kept coming into my house without notice and showing other people my apartment. They even came while I wasn't around once and left the door open. They over charged me for my stay and kept 100% of my security deposit. At first I was patient but its been over 1 year and I never received it back. They stopped responding to my emails and calls about my deposit. DO NOT trust anyone that works for them, they are as sleezy as it gets. Especially Josh and the one of the guys whos name I forget but he was asian. They do not care about anyone , this place needs to be shut down...again!. I have been patient enough but now I will be reporting this to authorities.