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Durham, NH

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Moldy, rusty, run-down, bug-infested apa...
Moldy, rusty, run-down, bug-infested apartments with plumbing that occasionally leaves you with puddles of sewage bubbling up into your sink. Clueless and incompetent student employees, managed by apparently non-existent management. Hours not listed on site. They will refuse to fix basic problems with your apartment, "run out of" and refuse to make up parking passes when there are hundreds of open spots available, and advise you to park in illegal places which you will then get towed from. If you have ever wondered what housing management run by children would look like, look no further. EDIT: Over two years after moving out, after not hearing a word from them, we received a collection notice for a $230 repainting charge that they agreed to drop when we moved out over two years ago. It is unclear whether this is due to an honest lack of organization on their part or is a fully-fledged extortion attempt—based on our past experience with University Edge, it really could be either. Their phone lines are only manned by a young student on-campus who flat-out refused to forward the issue to a manager or administrator, so we have contacted our attorney as it looks like legal action will be necessary to correct this. I pray this vile, slimy, law-evading, lying, cheating, student-exploiting cesspool of a company is forced to close its bug-infested doors sooner rather than later.