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Richmond, VA

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Horrible renting experience. This guy and his wife just want their money. If there were issues with our house Tony would completely ignore my texts or calls. The house could be burning down and he wouldn’t answer. The day we moved in there were multiple light bulbs out that he said he was aware of and would fix for us, none of that happened. He treats tenants disrespectfully. RUN from them
DO NOT RENT WITH THE DALTONS. Seriously the worst landlords I have ever had, they think just because they rent to college kids they can take our money. Tony and Maurcine Dalton took more than half my deposit due to “broken things”. Prior to moving in the house had extreme issues, broken doors, water didn’t heat up, roaches, mice etc. No communication & they tend to just show up randomly & not give a 24 notice. Overall terrible people and not professional at all. Horrible service.
If you are considering renting with Tony, I would HIGHLY recommend against it. If you do, expect him to come over with little to zero notice, entering your locked residence as well as the door to your bedroom at his own accord. There will be rodent and pest issues constantly, as there was a mice/ant problem immediately when moved in. Also be wary that he may lie when it come to renting and prioritizes getting his money first over everything even if that means leaving you without a place to live. If you do have problematic tenants know that he will do absolutely nothing to resolve or mend the situation, just wants his money. He is also does not answer any forms of communication at a timely manner even things regarding the property.
money hungry landlord