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This team of landlords was HORRIBLE. Th...
This team of landlords was HORRIBLE. The apartment wasn’t cleaned before I moved in, I had to do this all myself and I found this out after I signed the lease. The sidewalks and porch were never salted properly, and there was a horrible smell to the entryway of the building. This I would imagine was due to the fact that it was not vacuumed or cleaned during the year I lived here. They refused to replace the fire alarm when necessary. They neglected the property so often and we’re just unkind.
Fits the term 'slumlord' nearly perfectl...
Fits the term 'slumlord' nearly perfectly. Tim Banaszak and and Scott McIntyre own and rent many apartments in Bay City, MI. My experience with them has been predominately negative. Really, the only positive side to renting from these landlords is that the rent is quite cheap–if indeed they don’t raise the rent on you (make sure that you sign a lease with these guys’). Tim Banaszak is the one who you, as a tenant, are expected to contact if you have any issues; however, seldom does he get back with you or address issues in a timely manner. As with Scott McIntyre, beyond showing up to close on the sale of apartments, you will likely not hear from again–unless they are attempting to raise your rent, in my experience. Scott’s behavior as a landlord can also be characterized as lazy, ambivalent, apathetic, and uncaring (in it for the money, and that’s all). Here's some examples of how Scott McIntyre and Tim Banaszak fit the term “slumlord”: - Removed lead paint from the exterior of the building and literally left the paint-chips scattered all over the lawn, porches, and sidewalks for up to a week at a time (see attached photos). I personally had to contact them to clean the toxic mess up. Tim Banaszak was verbally aggressive about the situation when he came to clean the paint-chips up with a "broom and city recycling container". I believe that the workers they used were not lead-certified either. I also witnessed Tim being verbally abusive to one of the older workers. The work went on for months in a deplorable fashion with no end in sight – they violated numerous EPA guidelines. I truly regret not reporting them sooner, as we have children who frequent this apartment building and children who walk the side walks. - Refused to salt the driveway in the winter citing that it costed too much money. This is something that I contacted Tim about on multiple occasions, the last of which he hung up to the phone on me. I personally fell on the ice on one occasion when taking groceries inside from my car. The entire driveway and sidewalk remained essentially a solid block of ice for months. The mailman threatened to quit delivering mail to the apartment on multiple occasions due to this, leaving multiple notices; the paperwork was sent to the landlord; Tim still refused to salt. - Washer hasn't been working correctly in months, yet they're still using it as a selling point. Texted (months ago) and called (weeks ago), still hasn't been fixed as of writing this review. - Last winter the heater quite working approximately 3 times, the last time lasting all night. I was never even responded to the last time it happened and had to call the next day in the afternoon to figure out what happened. Tim was completely unapologetic. - Last Fall, only after being complained to by 2 tenants in mid-October, was the heat turned on. The date was October 19th and the temperature inside the apartment was well below comfortable. - Sent me a 7-day eviction notice due to a discrepancy with their own accounting methods/memories, and never even called me to mention the issued or discuss it. The issue, only after contacting them, was subsequently dropped. There was no apology. - After my lease expired, informed me that I could rent from them on a month-to-month basis. Of course, not knowing any better, I agreed. A few months later, they raised my rent–something that would have been illegal had I signed another lease. Anyhow, if you reading this and are going to be renting from these guys, I would at least ensure that no work/construction needs to be done anytime soon, that the heater is in good condition, and I would talk to/interview some of the tenants living at the particular apartment to make sure it is safe and that everything is 'truly' in good, working order. However, if you really want to save yourself from a headache and be truly safe, I would recommend totally avoiding these dangerous slumlords. I hope this helps.