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Pasadena, CA

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To make the long and excruciatingly pain...
To make the long and excruciatingly painful story of my time living under Terry Yat Yeung and his wife short i will have to leave out many details but ALAS you will come to understand why this couple is NOT FIT FOR LANDLORDSHIP. It all started when our previous landlord needed to sell the house so Terry bought it and the lease was transferred over. Well they wanted me to pay the rent to their bank account but wouldnt return my calls or texts about information and never gave me the name of their bank only the routing number etc.?... That was amateur mistake #1. No matter how many times i told them that they needed to verify my contact info in order to receive payments ON THEIR END they disbelieved that they had to do anything, and proceeded to charge me for late days until i proved it to them by putting them on the phone with a banker. I went to Bank of America their bank, 4 times to clear this issue. Once that was setup i thought things would be fine but due too pooor and cheap construction and appliances our electric water heater went out of service because of lack of maintenance. We had NO HOT WATER FOR A WHOLE YEAR. LITERALLY. We wanted to get it fixed but they wouldnt go outside of an insurance policy that they had for the house and the company that the policy was with "1st american plumbing" or "american eagle" i believe was THE WORST SERVICE EVER. About 7 times they came into the house and just said "you need a specialist" or didnt even look at the water heater. One time i cancelled work for the plumber to show up with no ladder so he couldnt get to the heater LOL. WHAT? It was really a nightmare i cant even explain the frustration. I lost so much money from needing to be home for their 3 hour service windows. Our landlord literally didnt care at all about us not having hot water showers for a YEAR. Their reponses are so cold and they will usually just brush your calls off and just email you back. The only thing these people care about is money. After the hot water shower being fixed FINALLY and the warranty for the house being used up Terry told me that anymore repairs on appliances would be handled by us the tenants? LOL. I could go on and on about the headaches that these DICTATORS bring to the table. I suppose it really bothers me because i tried so hard to communicate with them and i hate whne someone smiles in your face and then just really treats you wrong. Before we moved out we had a professional maid clean and i made sure that everything was intact and took pictures and a video of everything working. Now that we have all moved out they are keeping our complete security deposit because "we left it a mess and the quote they got to paint it was $4000" hahahah yeah right... WHAT?!. They will make up any lie to save their money its crazy! All i can say is i am SO HAPPY TO BE DONE WITH THEM, SOMETIME I ACTUALLY BREAK INTO DANCE.