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SQL is extremely unethical and a terribl...
SQL is extremely unethical and a terrible leasing company. Their houses are poorly contracted and infested with bugs, mice and bedbugs. They do not respond to any maintenance issues and because everything is so cheap it breaks anyway after they “fix” it. The people in the office are rude and often times racist. The only reason Stephanie brown has good reviews because she begs her tenants to write them BEFORE officially living there. Just google SQL & you’ll see their history of unethical living
Horrible landlord. They don’t follow thr...
Horrible landlord. They don’t follow through with maintenance requests or follow through. Buildings are infested with roaches and mice, and they don’t handle it. Way over priced for dilapidated and out of code apartments. They didn’t clean the apartment before I moved in, even after I requested twice. There was old food, feces in the toilets, roaches, old dishes, and grease in the apartment upon moving in. The apartment was the worst place I have ever lived. There’s a news article exposing some of the things this company does to it’s residents. Also, the other staff HATES Stephanie. The first day I met them, they complained about her and said how their organization is failing to other landlord companies in the area.
This is an amazing place to live, everyt...
This is an amazing place to live, everything is included and comfortable. People in SQL and neighbors are amazing. Stephanie Brown is the best one whom I contacting during my stay there. She had done very much job to to settle me done in a good location. She is always responsible and supportive. Gets quickly back whenever I call. She gives me support anytime. I live on East Genesee 2017. I never had any issues there. I feel safe and comfortable. All of my friends also live with SQL. Just find Stephanie Brown, she definitely helps you to find your right and safe location. Zee
I have a good living experience in SQL. ...
I have a good living experience in SQL. So far, I did not have any issues with landlord and management. Stephanie Brown is a best manager whom I am contacting over my lease and living issues. She quickly gets back over my calls, always supportive and friendly. I have recommended SQL to all my friends, and all of them happily living there. All apartments well furnished, utilities included, neighborhood is safe, rent is affordable. What else do we need while studying there? I am very much satisfied, therefore I have prolonged my lease to the next year. Just stay with SQL! Stephanie Brown is one of who might help you to find an affordable and comfortable place to live! Love and respect her so much!
Stephanie Brown has done such a repeated...
Stephanie Brown has done such a repeated amazing job helping me find living situations with SQL. She’s always been very dedicated to putting me in the right location with the right people. She’s always responsive and gets back to me whenever I reach out. She’s also given me much needed support during difficult times for me. I look to her as a friend and as somebody who has my best interest in mind and I can’t say that about too many people. She really cares and it shows. My current roommate at 301 maple street floor 1 and I waited until the last week to decide to live with SQL and Stephanie made it happen with a snap of her fingers and had different options for us. She helped me find a nice location and I’ve made friends with my neighbors and feel safe and happy in my new environment. Please make sure this review finds the right person so she can receive the recognition she deserves. Thank you! ~Yanko
The landlords are such a blessing. I w...
The landlords are such a blessing. I wish I had rented with Syracuse Quality Living to begin with. I recommend SQL to friends and people I care about. Their biggest gift is definitely kindness, and having kind landlords while dealing with the stress of school, work, and everyday life is just good for your health and makes your life easier. With regards to the house, my house was an old house, but at a good price. Everything is included (utilities, internet, etc.) which makes it easy to focus on everything else. Everything worked or management responded to any concerns promptly. They informed me when they were visiting. The neighborhood (Maryland Ave.) is neat. A family/student atmosphere. I enjoyed sitting on the porch and drinking my morning coffee while enjoying the neighborhood. The neighborhood is safe. Only thing that sucks is that this particular house does not have parking (i.e., only every-other-day street parking). I thought that would be a problem, but so far it is not. I have two cats (they are adorable) and the landlords were very accommodating with them. In summary, the landlords are just good people. It really helps to have someone on my side while dealing with stressful situations housemates. SQL are the most decent and respectable landlords I have dealt with.
When I moved in it was sight unseen due ...
When I moved in it was sight unseen due to us moving from Florida. The place had a dead rat in the basement with constant standing water. It had a quarter-driven washer and dryer that hardly worked and was shared with 4 students upstairs. Ants, more rodents, and bed bugs were all eventually an issue with the building. The area was gross and in the ghetto. Cops were frequently just down the road, and gunshots were heard regularly. SQL said it was a safe neighborhood and that the apartment was luxury. There was garbage everywhere, it wasnt upkept in any way, and the garage had damage and was never repaired, and they refused to let us use it. So we had a 1 car driveway for 6 people living in this building. Would not recommend SQL in any way.
I encountered so many violations of sta...
I encountered so many violations of state and federal renter's rights while I lived there - it would almost be humorous if it wasn't so terrifying. On multiple occasions, a drainage line in the basement burst and there was a literal pool of human urine and feces covering a large portion of the floor. The fumes were so intense that they leaked into my apartment (through a gaping hole in the floor) and caused me to become dizzy and nearly vomit on occasions. MY BUILDING WAS DEEMED UNFIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION BY THE CITY OF SYRACUSE AND I WAS NOT NOTIFIED BY SQL EMPLOYEES. They were perfectly fine with me living in unsafe housing as long as they were getting my money. When we had a code enforcement individual called to the property, he discovered a few things: There was no pressure release valve on the boiler, meaning it could literally have exploded at any moment. Additionally, the furnace had no exhaust pipe leading outside, so all of the exhaust fumes from the furnace were coming directly into my apartment (ground floor). On another occasion in late November, the heat in my apartment stopped working. Anybody who knows how brutal Syracuse winters are knows how serious this is. My heat stopped working on a Friday and I received no reply from maintenance or other SQL staff until Sunday afternoon. It got down to less than 50 degrees in my apartment during the night. And then Stephanie had the audacity to tell me I wasn't allowed to use my own space heater, which was frankly quite insulting. I fell and injured myself on multiple occasions because SQL did not keep up with their snow removal AS STATED IN THE LEASE AGREEMENT. I had to buy my own shovels and spend my personal time shoveling the stairs and walkway so myself and others wouldn't get injured. Even though parking for tenants is promised, 8 out of 10 times I had to park on the street because the driveway wasn't plowed and my car couldn't get through the snow. I had spoken to some of the maintenance employees, and there situation just makes me genuinely sad. Some of them live on SQL property, and Ravi (the landlord) would threaten to evict them if they didn't complete maintenance requests for less than minimum wage. There exists an audio recording of an employee stating that Ravi wanted to pay him $12 to install a boiler. Not $12 an hour. $12. The maintenance staff are also not equipped with proper tools or safety equipment to complete their jobs, which results in the repairs being janky at best and in need of additional repair down the line. This isn't the fault of the employees - it's the fault of SQL for not providing proper equipment. There was even an elderly woman who was hired to clean some animal droppings and exposed insulation out of the attic on my property, and she wasn't given gloves, a respirator, or protective eye wear. These were just a few examples of events that occurred during my stay. Overall, it was quite possibly the most nightmarish, frustrating, stress-inducing 10 months of my life. I would give this review 0 stars if it was possible. I'm a broke college student, and you literally could not pay me to live on SQL property again. Citations for (a few) laws violated while living at SQL property: Real Property Law § 235-b, Property Conservation Code § 27-54, Multiple Residence Law § 174, PCC §§ 27-71, 27-72 through 27-75
Don't prefer SQL. ...
Don't prefer SQL.