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Milpitas, CA

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Stayed for over a decade here and have g...
Stayed for over a decade here and have gone through multiple management changes. Would not recommend staying in the vicinity, let alone in the complex. The rent is high, the utilities are poor, and the management is terrible. Besides the estimated cost of rent, you are forced to pay additional fees and services that can increase your rent from $150~$300 a month, which one would assume was included in rent. The furnishings and actual decorum inside the apartments themselves is cheap and over an extended stay of 1~2 years, you will definitely see wear and tear much quicker than if you went for an apartment complex that didn't cheap out on refurnishing/renovations. The summer/winter months can become tedious as although the fixtures are modern in some ways, the HVAC is dated for all apartments to using a Gas powered heater located in the center of the apartment, with a wall mounted AC unit that only covers the living room. Definitely find something more modern for the price if you can.