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Sophia Jackson

1549 W 740 S, Orem, UT, 84058

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I gave Sophia Jackson 60 days notice to vacate the property and she responded by threatening to have me fired from my job, that she was going to create a scandal. She then called the cops when I was moving my belongings out of the house, claiming I was a threat to her and changed the locks without letting me clean my rental unit and then tried to change me hundreds of dollars for fake repairs and damages.


Sophia Jackson made me get rid of my dresser because she said the drawers opened too loudly. She would get into my private bathroom and went through my trash without giving me more than 24 hours notice. She also did this to clean my bathroom and snake my drain, even though I requested she do not do this. She tried to automatically renew my annual lease when I requested to go month-to-month. She stole $600 from me for a trip that we booked together that I later found out was fake.