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Soderberg told lie about me to mpd and p...
Soderberg told lie about me to mpd and paid a friend of his to lie about me also. He claimed I put graffiti on property and repeated the lie behind my back to a prospective employer. We settled out of court, but It's an example of white privilege and systemic racism. This is a good example that has been brought to the attention of various individuals in mpls city govt , and certainly a good example of what has sparked people to take to the microphones in the Black Lives Matter movement, with personal stories of racist attitudes and attacks. I wasn't surprised when I saw he got sued AGAIN in a class action suit. They replay the whole story every Sunday afternoon on Public television. It's the same cocky attitude I encountered from him when I was a tenant. I was so glad they won and people know what a worthless piece of @#$.... He really is. Life has a way of paying people back, for all the ***** they try to pull. It's going to make many, many people happy. Karma baby, karma.
OK I just want to see reviews...
OK I just want to see reviews