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Shiloh Manor Farm 14781 Berlin Tpke. Purcellville VA

14785 Berlin Turnpike, Purcellville, VA, 20132

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8'momths to get the fence fixed that was literally falling down repaired and painted. Were told we would be charged 25.00 per week for trash removal after several months that was included in the lease because we generated too much trash, or we could take it to the dump ourselves which we did. Exterior of house was never power washed/cleaned. Peacocks made noise at all hours and crapped on our patio daily. Would not recommend this rental to anyone.


My son rented from January 2016 until March 2022 and loved his stay and always found Nick to be a very responsive and reasonable landlord. For 4 years my son also had his beloved German Shepherd and the concrete basement was a good place for her to be kenneled while my son worked. Nick had a reasonable pet security deposit and accommodated the dog. Over the six years my son rented from Nick, hie loved the location and found Nick to be consistently conscientious and reasonable.


. I lived at Shiloh Farm for 4 years.My husband was present when the disgruntled tenants toured the cottage.They were intrigued and enamored at the idea of living on a working farm.Perhaps they had “buyer’s remorse” after moving from a sanitized, townhouse community in Reston to a working farm in western Loudon.Nick is a man of faith who puts his integrity above all else.I have every confidence that he would have come to a mutually agreed up resolution to their concerns.


What an Awesome place to live a very beautiful and private little place with lots of trees, and the neighbors are all very friendly in a very nice area, you would have to come out and see for yourselves to really have the Appreciation for such a wonderful place. I only moved do to my job transfering me out of State.. Also I have come back for maltible visits and couldn't help but notice these other two negative slanderous reviews that Absolutley Does Not describe the landlord Nick that i know.