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Seth Biser

Philadelphia, PA

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Other fun tidbits: 1 Tenants do not control the heat & my windows were open all winter. The pipes to the radiators were so hot they were cracking the walls. 2. The building owner (who is unfriendly to tenants) runs a psychologist's office on the ground floor. Her office does not have a separate entrance and so there are always patients wandering in and out of the building. This was not made clear before tenancy began. Sometimes patients could be heard yelling from downstairs. 3. The "private yard" has weeds six ft. high & a thick cover of broken glass. 4. Property mgr. told me the fire escape ladder (a legal PA requirement for this type of apartment) "probably wouldn't hold anybody but might slow their fall." 5. Needed repairs were usually "fixed" with steel wool and/or duct tape. 6. Seriously, just don't do it.