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San Jose, CA

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Sean is the worst human we've ever encou...
Sean is the worst human we've ever encountered. He's a liar, cheat, lazy, and a scrub. HE IS NOT RESPECTFUL. 1. Never revealed in advance that the AC was not functioning; claims it works as intended -- Warned us NOT to set the AC lower than 80 degrees because it freezes the unit AFTER we signed the lease and moved in. He scheduled a maintenance check 3 weeks later, we needed someone to look at it ASAP because it was 100 degrees in July when we moved in with a 10 week old infant. He never paid for it nor cared that we had an infant in sweltering July heat. The unit froze because the AC filter hadn't been changed in YEARS. When the thermostat read the room temperature as 80 degrees, his explanation was that it didn't indicate that the room was 80 degrees, only that the control unit was 80 degrees but the room was cooler. WTF??? 2. House was filthy, claims it was cleaned during move out but dust, mildew, spider webs, dead insects accumulated when it sat for 4 months. He refused to admit that it was ***** and refused to get it cleaned and screamed at us to "leave it as we found it". 3. Appliances don't work - dishwasher doesn't clean, oven doesn't clean, the water filter in the fridge is never changed (he just clicks the reset button), AC air filter is never changed. We brought all of this to his attention, he doesn't have any intentions to fix any of it. He tried to get us to pay him to change the water filter - we never used that water knowing he never changed it. 4. Never disclosed that the train tracks are active. His unit on 350 N 2nd street is ON TRAIN TRACKS. and yes IT'S ACTIVE FREIGHT TRAIN. It comes at noon, 3pm, 8pm, 2am, 3am, 5am and train conductors hold the horn down - it's deafening. 5. Pain on walls are cheap, they sweat and leave water marks in the bathroom walls if you take hot showers. Even command strips will peal off the paint, he knows this and will charge you for very single wear and tear from living in the condo. 6. Unit is is way over priced compared to the other rentals in the building, at least $200 more expensive. 7. He puts in minimum effort into the unit, banks to wait for someone to break something to replace it using the deposit. 8. Wants to be paid in advance - sending him money on the day is due is insufficient. He wants the rent funds to be liquid-able ON the due date -- this means you have to process the wire/deposit 3 days in advance. He won't discuss these stipulations until after you sign the lease and move in (on the lease it only says rent is due, for example, 1st of each month. However he'll charge you late fees if the money is pending transfer / processing on the 1st) 9. Returns whatever's left on your deposit w/in 30 days of your move out - meaning he'll walk around few more times and finds other things to ding you on and then sends it in the mail instead of handing you / or wiring you the money. He'll hold onto what's not his for as long as possible. 10. In his mind, full liability is on the tenant not the landlord. 11. If you break your lease, Sean believes that you have to pay him for all of the remaining months. The contract is written that he has to put in effort to re-rent the unit and you're only responsible for the months it takes to re-rent. His interpretation is that you owe him the whole rent. 12. Pet addendum required us to steam clean the carpets (which we missed). Then why did we pay you $75 more every month? so he just earned $900 more, but had us pay to clean the carpet and show proof via receipt. Do yourself a huge favor and dodge this hellish bullet. Nothing about this place or him is worth living there. We regret every moment and desperately wish to erase this tragedy from our memories.