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DO NOT RENT THIS APARTMENT. Everything detailed in the review from several years ago was the same as what we experienced. I would add that the apartment is overrun with cockroaches and crickets. This is NOT normal for DC apartments, do not let her tell you otherwise. This landlord is truly awful, regularly breaks the law AND your lease, is untrustworthy, and lies. The rent is also egregiously high for what you get - a moldy, infested, dark, unsafe space. Save yourself and look elsewhere.
Do not rent this basement apartment. C...
Do not rent this basement apartment. Cons: -- The apartment entrance is through an alley that is both filthy and unsafe. It was not uncommon to see dead rats flattened into the pavement and the alley is lined with dumpsters from the neighboring restaurants. Cars would drive dangerously fast through the alley, in spite of the alley's narrow width and acute angle. Many restaurant employees would take their breaks/smoke breaks in the alley and would stand under the Landlord's garage area when it was raining. -- You have to walk through the Landlord's garage in order to get to the "front door" of the apartment. The garage is also separately rented out to someone for their vehicle storage. The entrance area to the apartment is both a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a safe haven for rats. -- The apartment does not have a washing machine or dryer. The closest coin-operated laundromat is in Mount Pleasant (20-25 minute walk). -- The apartment does not have air-conditioning. The apartment does not have central air/heating. This is not ideal in the midst of DC winters/DC humidity. -- The apartment is susceptible to mold growth on the walls/ceilings/fridge/freezer/bath tub/any belongings that do not wick moisture. -- The apartment is generally run-down and grimy. Paint is peeling off walls. The hardwood floor in one of the rooms is uneven/buckling significantly. The furniture in the apartment is stained and/or broken. -- Our mail was opened on numerous occasions (more than 5x/month). Letters would arrive with ripped corners or would be re-sealed with scotch tape. -- The mailing address for this 2br/1ba english basement apartment is the same as the Landlord's mailing address. It is also the same address for the 2 additional bedrooms that the Landlord rents out individually. I am not certain that this is legal or that the Landlord has the appropriate business license/certificates of occupancy. -- The lease that the Landlord uses is not at all standard. It includes clauses for a slew of fees ($50 for overnight guests (includes all overnight guests no matter the duration -- applies to family and significant others) among other fees for accidentally leaving the garage open, smoking/using candles/space heaters in the apartment, etc.) -- ***** The Landlord has little concern for tenant privacy and is untrustworthy. It is difficult to convey the degree of unease that goes hand-in-hand with this Landlord -- one particularly questionable interaction with this Landlord involved returning the security deposit check. Upon moving out, the Landlord tried to give us an unsigned security deposit check. When we asked where the Landlord's signature was/why she didn't sign on the line in the bottom right corner, she tried to convince us that we were supposed to sign on that line. While I generally tried to give the Landlord the benefit of the doubt throughout the course of the year that I interacted with her, this exchange made it explicitly clear that her moral compass is broken beyond repair. ***** Pros: -- The apartment is conveniently located 1 block away from the Red line. It is close to a CVS and all of the restaurants/stores near the Woodley Park metro. It is close to Adams Morgan restaurants/nightlife and is close to Rock Creek park/Meridian Hill park. -- The apartment is fully furnished and utilities/wifi were included in the rent. -- The apartment is located in a generally quiet/groomed neighborhood (although the alley was often loud). I would not wish a 12-month lease for 2614 Woodley Pl NW on even the worst of my enemies. I did not feel physically or mentally safe while living here. Do not rent this apartment.