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Rudolph Heiny

2236 Constance St, New Orleans, LA, 70130

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Rudy is a conman. He steals your power to run his other properties. He constantly shows up drunk with some times paid company to his house next door. He will not give your deposit back. He told me that he never does and I have not seen a cent or a reason why. I tried to sue him in small claims, but he hides like the coward he is. Run as fast as you can. Stay far away from this creepy, racist piece of trash and his cheap properties.


The landlord purposely ignored the noted items on the move in walkthrough (which he refused to attend). He then refused to attend an exit walkthrough and is claiming the initial issues were done during our stay. He is fabricating costs in an attempt to keep our deposit. He made the claim that he does this to all tenants, bragging about it. He refuses to have a conversation regarding the "alleged" issues with the unit. He also made a very disgusting sexual remark about my significant other,