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Anyone looking to rent or knows of anyon...
Anyone looking to rent or knows of anyone looking to rent in the Corning/Painted Post area. Please beware that this is my apartment that is listed. The landlords are total ***** lords. In the year we lived here our yard went over a month without being mowed despite our lease specifically stating that lawn care was not our responsibility. It came to the point that code enforcement was called because of it. They have shown up multiple times without 24 hour notice for non emergency situations. One being when they came in and cut a hole in our bathroom wall to replace something on the toilet. Spackled the hole and never came back to paint it or reattach the moulding. Our entry way step has been broken since we moved in. And when asked to have it repaired we were told it was not a safety issue and they saw no reason to fix it despite it caving in. When Brandon and I split up for a week they tried to illegally have me evicted up until I got an attorney involved. Our downstairs neighbors continuously blast music at all hours and first time we brought it to the landlords attention they told us since we asked them to stop there was no reason for them to intervene. Then our neighbors continuously would ***** on our floor anytime our daughter was playing out of spite. And eventually turned into them verbally harassing us because we asked them what their issue was. Despite being harassed and told to get off "their property" we again contacted the landlords and she told us there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it because they won't get into the middle of it. Now that we are finally moving I denied them bringing anyone to show our home when we weren't there. I was told if we interfere with any showings that she would hold our security deposit. I had to contact an attorney yet again to find out she would illegally be holding our deposit. I know this is a lengthy post but I do not want anyone to get screwed over as we have. They like to illegally violate leases and tenants rights. They also lie and claim their carpet and paint is new when it's not new. It wasn't new when we moved in. Please pass this post along to get the word out about these scumlords.