Robert Johnson

Shepherdsville, KY

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Straight off the bat my smoke detector was broken. The inside of my door was broken and kicked in from the looks of it. He even mentioned something about having to kick a door in, I only assume it was mine. And he handed it to me and ask me if I could do it. I said sure. I had to rewire it meaning shutting off the electric and go in and doing it. His repair men are either sick or dead. He is very old and can’t do the work himself. And and the number he leaves is his wife. Who is bed ridden and can’t do much but answerthe phones by the way no one will come to help you if you lock yourself out fyi that’s on you! But everthing else is great he’s a good guy so far no complaints on that neighbors are good for the most part have a good amount of shady people around but everyone pretty much sticks to themselves. Getting anything fixed can be a hassle. The lease is a year. You pay rent plus electric and gas. He covers water, outside light, and trash.