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Elon, NC

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The house was in a great location and wa...
The house was in a great location and was a sweet, older home with a beautiful front porch and nice back deck. In the 2 years I lived here, the owner (RL Goodson) came over unannounced 20+ times. I woke up multiple times to him knocking on my bedroom door before my 8am classes. I had to add additional locks to my bedroom door just to make me feel safer. He made suggestive and inappropriate comments about my roommates and myself. He drove by every morning to look at the house and talked to us like we were truly idiots. His daughter runs the day to day operations and is much better to work with than he is, but there is no avoiding RL. He also made multiple racist comments that made me extremely uncomfortable. When I confronted him about coming over all the time without notice, he said it was his right and he didn't have to provide notice, even when I asked for just a 15 minute heads up. I had to call the police to mediate the conversation between us because he was so inappropriate and aggressive. There were issues with the heat in the house and whenever we asked for someone to come look at it, he told us we were the problem... not true. We had an issue with mice and we had to pay for the extermination. RL and his daughter told me they occasionally they would sit in their cars across the street and watch the house with previous tenants for hours at night... creepy. I would not WAIT to move out of the house due to how incredibly uncomfortable he made me feel.