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Property and apartment was disgusting an...
Property and apartment was disgusting and not in livable conditions. Did not refund me all of my deposit even though I never moved in the filthy apartment... that they had over a month to repair, clean and fix.Arrived in South Carolina at office located on 145 Dunbar St.Spartanburg SC 29306 on today October 28th to pickup my keys for my apartment and pay security deposit as agreed. Spoke with Nestor who greeted me and gave me a welcome gift, keys, and house inspection forms. Upon my arrival into the apartment there were dead roaches and other crawling bugs as soon as I walked in the front door. Red candle wax on walls and baseboards, scribbles and drawings on hallway walls, bedrooms, and doors throughout the apartment. Walls and doors were all filthy and it was obvious that there weren't any painting touch ups done.Looks like someone had just moved out of the apartment and no repairs were done at all.There were feces in the toilet and stains remaining after flush. Lease was cancelled
I would never in my life recommend this ...
I would never in my life recommend this company to anyone. This is the worse landlord ever. It’s a shame they raised the rent, Don’t fix nothing they just patch stuff up, the won’t replace the appliances. Now we are responsible for all appliances. Even though I have complained about mines since I have been living here. Neighbors are very inconsidering when it comes to company visiting and the tenants parking. People hang out n smoke ***** all day & night. People play music all night long while others are trying to sleep. The kids are bad as ever, they play near peopl cars and will scratch your car up. The kids run around knocking & play on doorbells. I can’t wait till I can afford to move.