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When we rented from him we had numerous ...
When we rented from him we had numerous issues with him. 1. He would show up unannounced while we where at work or school and inspect our house through windows and over our fence. 2. He would take forever to respond to us when we had complaints about appliances needing to be fixed (namely the heater and lights) and would sometime take a week to respond via email. and then take up to 6 months to a year (longer for our fence which was never replaced after a year and a half of being torn down). 3. At the end of our 4 years we cleaned what he asked us to clean minus a few items that we accepted and where willing to pay for our of deposit. After fighting over the deposit for a month and fighting illegal charges (including him wanting us to pay for the new carpets and paint all of which was not our responsibility as per the renters rights of California). He demanded we take him to court and stole our entire deposit of over $2000 knowing we didn't have the money to take him to court after moving. Over all he was a slow and unresponsive landlord who paid for nothing to be fixed in the entire 5 years we lived there and at the end charged us unreasonably high and illegal fees ignoring the many documents and legal rights I had sent him over email. He took advantage of us and should be ashamed to consider himself a teacher at the local university and landlord alike when he takes advantage of desperate students this way. I hope others may read this and avoid the same problems I faced.