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Alexandria, VA

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In over 10 years of renting, I have neve...
In over 10 years of renting, I have never had a landlord take any portion of my security deposit. I took immaculate care of Peter's property for 3 years, only to have my security deposit taken so that he could perform routine turnover between tenants. Peter used our deposit towards things that a normal landlord would cover themselves, such as repainting the walls and repairing areas of the apartment that were already damaged when I moved in 3 years ago (a chipped cabinet). Do not rent from him.
Towards the end of the lease, peter insi...
Towards the end of the lease, peter insisted on showing the place at random times with little notice.After asking him to give 24 hour notice after the 4th or 5th instance, peter replied with a laundry list of things he expected us to do to make the place more attractive to future tenants. A month or so before the move out date, peter was notified that the stair case railing had become loose from the dry wall anchors used to fasten it to the wall. The rail was not installed using studs at all. Peter ignored the safety concern until after the move out and he took funds from the security deposit to repair it. Leading up to the last couple of months of the lease, peter was a decent landlord. The actions he took at the end of the lease, however, solidified him as one of the worst landlords I have ever had. On a side note, he made a verbal agreement to allow me to start a new lease if I found roommates. About a month before the lease was up, he told me that he wanted to rent the place to a young couple and I had to find a new place.