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We have had constant issues with the sup...
We have had constant issues with the superintendent, who was initially advertised as live-in but that is NOT the case. We have had issues with doors coming off hinges for months, kitchen drawers broken and sitting out on the floor for months, toilet being broken for months and the flush handle was being held together with a rubber band, our kitchen sink leaking and ultimately causing black mold under our sink for months, an obvious leak/water pocket on our ceiling which we repeatedly complained to our super and landlord about but were ignored until there was legitimately water raining down in our living room and lastly constantly dealing with rodents all over the apartment! No food is safe!! We've had exterminators come out a few times but never solve the problem and basically come for show from the landlord but don't actually do anything. All of the issues that we had were instantly notified to the super and the landlord and were always ignored for months until we either put the money and time in to fix it ourselves or called them off the hook every day until they answered. Love the location but seriously considering leaving to not have to deal with all the issues and being ignored. I will say that they are fine about rent being a little late HOWEVER they still require you to send by check in the mail to Brooklyn... isn't it time for this to be an automated system online? They also allowed us to guarantee ourselves at lease signing versus a crazy income requirement and getting parents involved as we had both just graduated from college and hadn't started work.