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Paul Moore

Philadelphia, PA

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The owner of this building belongs in jail. His workers are undocumented immigrants. He is a creep. When a fire causes serious injury then those on the take will stop looking the other way.


Once his wife was no longer involved, repairs were ignored, repairs were done poorly, etc... His wife would follow up to make sure things were repaired, answer questions, etc... Paul Moore is only concerned with collecting the rent. The building needs updating.



This in response to the person who posted the negative comment, calling the owners, Slumlords. The tenant saw the building and her apartment before she moved in. So, after she demanded a security deposit back that she was not entitled to, she filed in small claims court. A continuance was granted. The tenant did not show up to the hearing. She also ran a business out of the common area, which was in violation of her Lease. Additionally, she left the apartment dirty. She asked if she could move her stuff out on August 1st because her apartment was not ready. To accomodate her and several other tenants, I said okay. She said she would be out early in the morning. We needed her to leave no later than 10:00 am to prepare the apartment for the new tenants. It was late in the afternoon and they were still moving (they shared a rental truck). The locks were changed, and we received a frantic call because one of the parties involved did not have all her stuff there. We have several tenants who will have been in the building several years.


Paul and Jocelyn Moore are the epitome of slumlords. This was the shabbiest place I have ever lived in and they were not pleasant individuals to come in contact with. Half of the time they had their daughter take care of their responsibilities. There is a huge pest problem, the heating never worked, the internet was terrible, and I didn't feel comfortable using the washer and dryer they provided to clean my clothes because it was so shabby. This is a good location however you are better off finding a much nicer apartment around Temple's off campus area.


When a leak started that destroyed some of my assignments and electronics, his workers said they were done for the day. The leak then spread to my roommates closet where it destroyed some of her expensive textbooks. He promised to wash the towels we used to clean the putrid water up with...he never returned them. Found them 4 months later behind the washer covered in mold. My room had no windows. My roommates room had pipes leading from the newly opened (without informing us) restaurant. The hole for the pipes were much wider than the pipes and you could clearly see/hear/smell the restaurant downstairs. He also tried to hide the fact that mold was growing right outside our doors in the hallway. He also didn't install heat (which was promised to be done before we moved in) until late November. He didn't return our security deposit because we didn't let him know we weren't returning. It was a deplorable living situation with a dirty, scumbag landlord. If you see his!