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Brooklyn, NY

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The place was clean, quiet and safe. My unit was renovated before I moved in, and the appliances were new. The super was great about fixing things (repainting, re-caulking, toilet repair) quickly and properly. Problems: (1) Anything building-wide — outside the control of the super — took far too long to fix: • A hallway and stairwell renovation sat 80% complete for 8 months. • The garbage bin enclosure was built too small, and left half finished for over a year. They still hadn't fixed it when I left. • The intercom system broke half a dozen times; sometimes it was unavailable for 2-3 months. (2) Intermittent / recurring problems with bugs (bed bugs and roaches). Only a few bugs, but still annoying. The problem would get fixed each time … but it would take two or three visits, because the exterminators never quite got all of them. A few tenants wouldn't let exterminators in their units, and the landlords couldn't get that sorted out.