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I have been living at the Oak Terrace Ap...
I have been living at the Oak Terrace Apartments for over two years. I love my apartment and my neighbors are very kind and respectful. Building is very safe and quiet. A lot of neighbors have lived here for many many years. I dont plan on moving for a long time. The manager and maintenance are very nice and the Landlord's office always takes care of any minor issues that pop up very quickly. I have recommended this place to many friends.
They are supposed to provide heating whe...
They are supposed to provide heating when it is below 55 degrees outside from October 1st to May 1st, they do not turn it on someone from the main office in north jersey controls the heat, the last 2 nights it has been in the low 40's and the heat never kicked on once....i'm told i'm the only one complaining which is a lie because i have spoken to other residents and they have had this problem. We are told it does not run 24 hours a day and its a hot water heating system however when it does not turn on below their "made up" 55 degrees rule for over 12 hours anywhere in the building they blame you and want maintenance to come in and check it after telling them it runs find when they have it on during the day, when its warmest, but not at night when its coldest, and we are told to contact the emergency number when the real Problem is Sarah from the main office controls when it is on and when it is off. They are liars and do not provide the utilities included in rent cost as stated in the lease! So we are forced to contact the emergency number every night its not on which is most nights just to have it turned on if we are lucky. I have been heating my apartment with my oven wide open which they do not pay my electric bill....its ridiculous here I would not recommend moving here unless you enjoy the cold and chill that comes with the apartment
When you complain about an issue you are...
When you complain about an issue you are told that you are lying and when you confront them with evidence of the problem you are then threatened with eviction. Classic case of the powerful against the powerless.