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Great experience...
Great experience
DO NOT LIVE IN A PROPERTY ASSOCIATED WITH THIS COMPANY, LIVE IN BING OR FORTRESS MANAGEMENT. They will be good at first when trying to get you to sign a lease, but once you do they respond to issues in 4-5 days at the earliest. HAVE NOT RETURNED MY $700 SECURITY DEPOSIT. It's impossible to contact them about this, they disconnect phone numbers they give you to contact you during your lease, so you won't have anyone to contact regarding missing money. Honestly so many problems with this company, they should be shut down. I personally know 4 other people that they've done this to. DO NOT LIVE HERE!
Would constantly try to show up without ...
Would constantly try to show up without notice and there was multiple weeks where investors could show up within a 4 hour window. Even then, they would show up late or early and still expect to be let in. They have no direct phone numbers to call to get immediate answers to things unless it is service related. Because they fired the guy that we signed the lease agreement with I fear we won't get any deposit back because he never uploaded pictures from the initial walk around. We asked to move our lease date up because it was empty and they forgot about it, so it wasn't ready to move into. They don't get utility bills to you in a timely fashion like promised in the lease. The off road parking we were promised was never completed. Had to keep pestering for washer and dryer which was promised to be installed before move in. Once installed had over a month of issues because it wasn't installed properly. They are constantly changing management and it shows by their lack of organization and ability to communicate. Cute apartment for a great price, but dealing with the owners is a pain.
Terminated my lease with them and have h...
Terminated my lease with them and have had the most difficult time getting the deposit back. The company is terrible at communication, especially the main property manager Zach. Do not live here. Most of the apartments are on the bad side of Binghamton anyways.