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Mr. Zada was a very responsive landlord....
Mr. Zada was a very responsive landlord. He handled every issue I had within a timely manner. If maintenance was not available for something urgent he would come and fix the issue himself. The space was clean and ready when and I moved in and when I return to Philly I will be contacting Mr. Zada!
Renting from Nachman was a very pleasant...
Renting from Nachman was a very pleasant experience for me.. Anytime I reported an issue to him it was addressed promptly.and resolved to my satisfaction. There were times I felt he went out of his way to make repairs as quickly as he could and to inconvenience me as little as possible. I always paid my rent on time so I didn’t have a lot of interaction with him but when I did he was very cordial and helpful. I would highly recommend Nachman as a landlord.
Thanks to Nachman I was able to work rem...
Thanks to Nachman I was able to work remotely in a peaceful and pleasant environment. Nachman was respectful and responsive. I saw a couple of negative reviews, I guess from people who didn’t like paying rent or have personal issues... I am a female immigrant, I felt valued and respected with no issues whatsoever.
Nachman is violent, racist, sexist, tran...
Nachman is violent, racist, sexist, transphobic, and a criminal. He rented apartments that were far, far below code. The apartments where not clean or sanitary when he moved people into them. He regularly verbally harassed and verbally abused renters. He was even physically threatening. Our building is not up to code, and he does not care. Every "fix" he makes is half-baked and breaks again within weeks. Not only is he incompetent, he is mean and dangerous and selfish. DO NOT TRUST.HIM.
I loved being Nachman’s tenant. I am a g...
I loved being Nachman’s tenant. I am a gay woman who moved into a lovely apartment with my girlfriend and Nachman made us feel welcomed and taken care of from the start. He is continually receptive to our needs, treated us with dignity, kindness, and respect, and truly made us feel safe and heard in our space. He was, and remains, a very fair and open landlord. He uses the standard Philadelphia lease. If I hadn’t had to move out of state for a job, I would never have left our gorgeous apartment!
i’ve never really had any issues with na...
i’ve never really had any issues with nachman, he’s a pretty chill landlord. if there were issues, he would respond and take care of it. for example, our fridge broke and he replaced it with a brand new one within a couple of days. i’d consider him a good landlord and an understanding guy!
Nachman was very professional when we me...
Nachman was very professional when we met to look at the apartment. He showed me several he had available to see which one would be the best fit. He explained my lease questions so I understood all of the terms. Since living there, he has always been responsive to issues and needed repairs. He has always been friendly and understanding!
DO NOT RENT FROM NACHMAN. He seeks every...
DO NOT RENT FROM NACHMAN. He seeks every avenue possible to squeeze money out of tenets and will verbally harass you until he gets what you want. He is racist and mysogynist. I have also heard him make antisemitic comments. He will try to play divide and conquer amidst your housemates, appearing kind to one and not the others. His apartments are usually not up to code and he makes no effort to fix that. DO NOT RENT.
Nachman did not allow us to review the l...
Nachman did not allow us to review the lease and tried to pressure us into signing it before we had the chance to. He also ended up losing it and tried to get a couple to move in WHILE WE WERE STILL LIVING THERE, because he had just "forgotten" when our lease was up? He also would constantly talk over us, say explicitly racist things to the Black folks in the house, push past us when in the house, and generally has a bulldozer personality. Didn't fix literally any of the maintenance needs we had. Mocked us for wanting to see bills that were in his name, and for wanting rent payment receipts. Had a long, regular history of barging into the apartment without notice. It got so bad that we had to change the locks. The place itself is in a nice location, and from the outside looking on, appears kinda nice. But living here, you notice poor plumbing, cracks in walls, the porch is literally falling apart, the holes where mice are coming from, weird smells coming from the basement (which, by the way, we never had access to).... When our upstairs neighbors were threatening us and calling us aggressive for wanting to talk about how we had been paying THEIR electric bill for months, Nachman told us "not to fight" and that "he would pay their half of the bill". Oh, and he also kept ALL of our security deposits, claiming that he was "owed" them, but without giving any legitimate reasonings behind that decision. We looked into Nachman not too long into our stay in this apartment, and found out that others had had similar issues with him and also that he had LOST A LAWSUIT with a former tenant, and still not paid that person their money back, despite the court ruling. Avoid!!!!! Especially if you are a poc, *****/trans, disabled, or anything that isn't a burly white cishet dude (the only type of person he seems to sense he can't bulldoze over).