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N property should be your second to last resort
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Overall this place is super unorganized. They claim my roommates and I owe thousands of dollars when none of us have been late for a payment. We got multiple eviction notices that mysteriously just would go away after a few days, even though we all paid money on time. Mice issues, flooding issues, and does not respond to emails at a timely manor. All in all would not recommend
I had mice in the walls and running around my apt for over a month before they even contacted an exterminator to come out. They set me up with the worst exterminators ever who set appts, never showed, and then said I never made an appt. You only get to speak to a receptionist who "puts a note in to the maintenance" people who never call you back. The actual maintenance guys who work for the company came out after I had an entire sewage back up problem ONLY after I told them that their property was going to be damaged with the sewage. They came out and blamed me for backing up the system even though they knew one of the other neighbors had the same issue. And to top it off never wore hotties or anything to cover their shoes and after stepping in the sewage proceeded to walk all around my apt and on my rugs. I highly recommend not renting anything from this company.
If you rent with them, you better hope that no issues arise that you need help with. You only get one e-mail/phone number for a receptionist who isn't allowed to give any information out. However, the receptionist (your one and only contact), doesn't know the answer to your questions/concerns, so you'll never get them answered. There is a maintenance portal for your requests, but the majority of the time it will be marked as "completed," when it's not. We've had something marked completed without even having one visit from maintenance. The apartment is nice, but it's not worth the effort you have to put in to get a response. Also, they send e-mails only a few hours before entering your apartment, and as you can imagine, you'll get no response if that time doesn't work for you.