Moses Neuman

New York, NY

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Bathroom ceiling collapsed, my bathroom ...
Bathroom ceiling collapsed, my bathroom was unusable as they didn't fix this for a week. Luckily I had somewhere else to stay and shower at the time; if I hadn't I can't imagine where I would have showered or used the toilet. Construction in the apartment next door to mine left a thick coating of brick dust on all of my belongings. Requests for cleanup were not responded to for days, and when they were responded to the job was only half done. Literally toxic air inside the apartment. Moses also let himself in with his own set of keys more than once - once this happened while I was on a ladder in a sports ***** and shorts painting. Extremely uncomfortable, hope he enjoyed the show. I stayed and finished out the lease despite not being able to stay without coughing. Was assured I'd be receiving my deposit back, then he told me he required additional rent, then he ghosted. After more than a year of fighting I grew too busy with my job and gave up. I'm sure he relies on this to steal other people's money as well.