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I rented a studio apartment in the Cordo...
I rented a studio apartment in the Cordora Flats at 141-147 W. Market Street in York from Midor Property Management from March through June of 2019. I dealt with Dora, the Midor Property Manager. During her building tour, Dora showed me the building elevator which was not working at the time and which she pretended not to know that it was out of order. The elevator never worked the whole time I was there. She also never told me that the combination heating/cooling system did not adequately work and that it was freezing cold during the winter. When Dora showed me the apartment she never told me about drafty windows that did not open. Dora also did not tell me about the crime in the area or the noise from the street and other neighbors, both of which I had inquired about. In response to my crime inquiry she skirted the issue saying “this is the business district” and in response to my noise inquiry she said that she never had gotten any complaints. After you move in you quickly learned that you were mislead and lied to as the area is in a high crime area and the building is very noisy. You also quickly learn of the criminal element both in the building, outside your windows and the gangs by the building’s trash dumpsters. There is not only regular police activity in the building but the mailbox area on the first floor is littered with court notices for either past or present tenants. Dora knew that I was only in town for as long as my temporary job lasted and orally agreed to accept as much notice as my employer provided me. But when my job suddenly came to an end, she reneged on that promise despite our agreement and her advertising the apartment that I rented would be ideal for “temporary” workers. After I moved out giving as much notice as possible and finding her a subtenant, she texted me asking for my forwarding address so she could send me my security deposit. Then came a letter from her that she was keeping my security deposit despite her waiting approximately 24 days to list my property as being available for rent. Because she did honor our agreement, kept my security deposit despite waiting almost a month to list the apartment and would not even consider the sublet tenant that I had obtained (despite subletting provisions in our leasing agreement), I took her to small claims court. The judge would not enforce the oral provisions of our rental agreement, and, quite unfairly, did not take into consideration Midor’s refusal to even consider the tenant that I had found to take over my lease or the extreme length of time that it took Midor to re-list the apartment despite me leaving my apartment extremely clean and in immaculate condition. DURING THE COURT HEARING, DORA REVEALED THAT MIDOR CONTRACTS WITH THE BUREAU OF PRISONS FOR TENANTS AND THAT THE SUBSEQUENT TENANT OF MY APARTMENT WAS A FORMER PRISONER OF THE LOCAL PRISON SYSTEM. Dora also mentioned during the hearing that there was police activity in the building related to that tenant. The fact that Midor rents out their apartments to convicted felons was never revealed to me when I applied to rent the apartment, and I seriously doubt that many other tenants of either the Caldor Flats, or the other apartment buildings that Midor rents, are aware that their neighbors may once have been convicted felons straight from prison! Most apartments carefully screen their tenants but not Midor! If you want to very easily find out much, much more about Midor Property Management and the Caldor Flats apartment building, remember that Google is your friend.