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Margate, FL

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Michael is a coward and a liar. He const...
Michael is a coward and a liar. He constantly blames his "partner" Jeffrey Lowe for all the issues... such as trying to get us to purchase the home or move out. Which was no big deal, except he came to take the keys a week after I had my baby, when we agreed it would be a month later! He was constantly telling us he was selling the apartment. Once at our first location, Sheridan Ocean Club, and then he transferred us to another of his properties, a home in Margate. 3 months later he says we need to either buy the home or move out. I convinced him to let us stay until after I had my baby (we planned on moving to NC anyway) Each year there was no continuing of the lease signing. Just some scribbles on a paper. He did no walk through in the end, we had to force him to come and see some of the issues in the home. Which was a disgusting shack. Roaches, flies and bugs were always coming in. I got approved for pest control but magically that was not covered when we moved out. The plumbing and repairs are a joke - duct tape everywhere. There was a leak in the roof and I'm pretty positive he kept the insurance money because it was never repaired. He appeases you in the moment and then screws you over in the end. He collected last months rent (because he knew we wouldn't get it back) so he kept our security deposit and an extra months rent. Skeezy slimy landlord. Beware!