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Mary Jo McBurney will collect your check...
Mary Jo McBurney will collect your checks as she lets her properties fall into disrepair. Avoid working with her, "Selina", or anyone at Atticus.
It is often hard to tell if MaryJo McBur...
It is often hard to tell if MaryJo McBurney is incomptetent or malicious. Although, it frequently seemed as though both was the case in my wife and I's year renting from her. Despite supposedly owning more than 60 properties across Milwaukee County, this is more than likely due to how she gaslights her tenants and skimps on nearly every cost imagineable rather than her "work ethic" which she describes on her outdated site or her contractors who are nothing more than glorified amateur handymen In our time in our Bay View property, my wife and I were subjected to: a slow gas leak which displaced us for multiple days and left us without heat for the two days prior in the middle of winter, a squirrel which was living in our walls for four(!) weeks, an unsealed window which let in massive amounts of water every time it poured rain, a leak in the center of our dining room which was the result of an unsealed tub in the tenant above us, mold from the aforementioned water, and a broken screen door. We reported these issues to both MaryJo and her "contractors" ASAP every time and often the problem would be ignored for days if not weeks at a time and when a "fix" would arrive it would be ill fitting or somehow framed as our fault despite the impossibility of such. The most shocking and frustrating example of this was the aforementioned "squirrel" incident where a squirrel was living in the unfinished frame of our wall during the middle of winter. While the unfinished frame was due to the gas leak mentioned before which saw our ceiling destroyed and barely fixed over the course of the five following months, the squirrel entered through a hole in the siding and began peeing and pooping in there. All the while distressing both of our pets and keeping us up at night. While this was obviously an emergency to us, it was seen as a mild inconvenience to her and saw her send out her general "handyman" to take a look at the issue. He insisted there wasn't actually a squirrel there while trying very minimal techniques to actually test for and capture the creature. When we finally convinced her to contact a pest control company, an appointment was made for a few days out as we were told there were NONE available in Milwaukee at the moment. This led us to contact a pest control company just in case and when we told them the situation they relayed to us that MaryJo had actually just spoke with them and when she was told the price of their services, she laughed and rejected their help. After bringing this up to her and catching her in a lie, she threatened us by saying we would have to pay for the removal ourselves if we kept reaching out on our own accord. We simply had to wait and have the squirrel removed days later and keep our mouths shut. This ordeal is really just a near comprehensive microcosm of renting from MaryJo McBurney. For what remains: she will try to give you minor gifts to make you feel better about your inconvenieves rather than give you proper compensation, she often forgets promises she makes and must have her memory jogged near constantly, her "contractors" will work with such little regard for your personal belongings that something will likely be broken, during the lease ending process she will force showings upon you with less than 12 hours notice nearly every day and gaslight you for the property not renting when you are already bending over backwards to make those times work, and likely take the absolute longest amount of time she possibly could to send out your security deposit which will probably have nearly 75% taken out and blame the cost on damage that was either preexisting or small holes for screws when you are explicitly told that you can hang objects on the walls. TL;DR: Save yourself the sanity and the money and DON'T rent from MaryJo McBurney under any circumstance. She is a slum lord who does the bare minimum for her tenants and will come at you with hostility and insults upon being confronted with these issues in a polite manner.