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San Jose, CA

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Illegal property with no permits. Not safe! No smoke detectors. House is basically a garage with a cosmetic facelift. No insulation in walls or ceiling. In summer months the unit is a sauna, in the winter months you can feel the wind right through the 50 year old windows. Bathroom is in the small bedroom. There is no door or hinges for second bedroom. You have to go in the room to use it. This is not a 2 bedroom. More like 1 bedroom and a small office space. Not worth the $2800 they are asking. They come to your front door every month on the first to pick up only cash! You cannot mail check. No check, money order, or cashiers check allowed. No standard 3 day grace period. They always forget the receipt book. This unit gets a lot of June summer months like 15-20 throughout the tiny space..and you will always find mice droppings in the kitchen behind appliances. No AC. Heater is a joke. Beware of this unit. Maryann Johnson Rich Maes