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Signs of Mold found in upstairs bedroom ...
Signs of Mold found in upstairs bedroom and appears to have been painted over, in garage and in downstairs living area. Landlord, Mary Pratt Rackers, refuses to move forward with mold testing overlooking the well being of the 3 Young children living in home. Patio is rotten in many places, garage door does not function correctly, large rats found living in storage (exterminator never called), laminate floors are soggy in many spots, upstairs tub has history of leaking into the garage, history of fleas in home, lots of junk around outside of property, termites found all throughout outside patio. All issues landlord refuses to address. Overall quality of this rental is below average of what should be expected at this tier of rental property and is not a safe and healthy environment for anyone especially children and pets. We are the second tenants in the last year and the first tenant experiences all of the same issues. Still major issues never addressed and fixes not made in a timely manner or at all. Mary Pratt Rackers has been hostile and on edge ever since bringing the mold issue up. She has cursed and screamed at me and has had zero contact with me in almost a month. Easily the most manic and problematic living situation and landlord I’ve dealt with.