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F this place...
F this place
So, right when I was moving out, this ma...
So, right when I was moving out, this maniac owner Mary Irish starts talking about me having to pay $250 for a cleaning crew to clean for the next people to move in. Now I can understand if you went crazy and lived like a savage,but usually anything out of the ordinary is taken from the deposit. This was the start of a bunch of “gotcha” fines after the fact. Like a ridiculous $600 because my girlfriend brought her ferret over and I can’t have pets ,when the lady upstairs clearly had a small dog, hence the flea problem that would randomly pop up the first year mostly during the warm weather months. Broken “security” door. Either couldn’t get in your own building or it just wouldn’t lock to keep anyone out. Everytime it rained my carpet would get sloshy like a wet “welcome mat” I would constantly have to leave work early if the rain persisted to move furniture and make sure my apartment didn’t flood and outlets didn’t blow out. Then they forgot to turn the heat on in the apartment upstairs, so I was awoken to 2 maintenance men in my bedroom informing me that the pipe was busted in the apartment above me. Water was showering down the walls. I had to call into work almost losing my job because the “my apartment is flooding” excuse was getting ridiculous at this point,even though it was legit. A side note- I feel as if the building is just flawed and needs to be torn down. That’s why the security door would never close right, constant water pipe problems( we would get notes in the hallways bi-monthly about the water being shut off for repairs) and my apartment constantly being moist......back to FACTS- so they called in some company to bring in machines to suck up the water in my apartment after the pipe burst and they just left the stuff there.......for days....these giant dryers and tools and cords.....just left it. I ended up just putting all the stuff in the hallway because it was taking up all the room in my crappy one bedroom slum apartment. The elderly veteran on the other side of me got it worse tho, he had a special hospital bed that was against the wall and he couldn’t sleep in it so he had to sleep upright in his pickup truck for two nights. He was too proud to except help from the other tenants and Mary Irish did nothing. Not a hotel room for this man. Nothing. She’s a class act. I was also constantly harassed about ***** smoke in the hallway but this clueless woman doesn’t know what straight edge means after I explained several times that I’m not a drug user for health reasons but that didn’t seem to suffice. My carpet was a constant problem because for one, it wasn’t new when I moved in. It was already littered with burn holes and stains. These things were noted on paper when I was shown the apartment on a walk through, but like most things with Mary Irish, paper work only works one way, and certain paper work seems to disappear. So basically, when I moved out, she charged me for the place to be it’s my fault it floods non stop and had cigarette burn holes when I moved in. Old school slum lord let’s get to the good stuff....remember I said paper work comes up missing? I signed a paper saying I specifically didn’t want packages put inside my know what happened....cmon....this is Mary Irish we’re talking about! She doesn’t abide by the laws of man or the rights of renters! I double checked with my girlfriend who had the spare key to see if she if she if she had come across some kind of inter dimensional portal in Colorado.....but no, she was still with her twin sister in Denver. Let’s talk about my job at the time where I was working with chemicals that weren’t deadly, but not exactly safe, so I left them outside my door in a box. Mary asked me to not leave them outside my door, but I saw that people with kids in the building had doormats outside their doors with a plethora of snow boots outside, so I felt like I was within my rights to also have my shoes in my box safely away from contact from anyone and safely away from contact with Mary’s precious carpet. I come home one day to find my shoes inside my apartment. My girlfriend is out of town on business. Hmmmmmmm. Two weeks later, same thing happens. I could go on and on about smaller things. The garbage disposal never worked. Never. The oven never worked. The stove top did, but the inside oven never did. One day the maintenance men came to repair the fire alarms and just never came back leaving wires hanging until I moved out. Mary Irish purposely turned down the heat on the dryers in the laundry room so you would have to dump tons of money in until you just gave up and hung dry your clothes in your apartment. Everyone had a broken towel rack in their bathroom. There was just this big random hole in the hallway ceiling I could never figure out but I think it was because of the plumbing problems were so persistent that it was just easier just to leave a giant hole there for access. If you rent from Clearview Apartments in DeWitt Michigan, it’s because you obviously can’t afford a better place at the moment or your in some kind of a bind, but honestly you would be better off getting a room at one of the near by motels because Mary Irish will try to get you with these ridiculous “gotcha” things in the lease because she knows your desperate for housing. It’s a terrible way to take advantage of desperate people. She’s an over privileged woman who needs to be taught that she can’t bleed hard working people to death.