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Los Angeles, CA

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So the apartment is ok but it is not ren...
So the apartment is ok but it is not rent controlled so the owner can and does evict people for whatever she feels like. The building manager, Virginia Trail is a nightmare to deal with. Anything and I mean anything you bring up with concerns to fix or even just look at she immediately blames you and treats you like your stupid and 4 years old. We had an issue with our master bedroom toilet from day one of moving in and 3 years later it was never fixed properly and eventually flooded the bathroom. Was it the broken toilets fault? Nope she blamed us saying we are stupid and don't know how to use a toilet. Then the owner Lynn Tollakson evicted us because she's basically a slum lord and blamed us for the whole incident. The photos show the damage done to fix the flooding but was left for over 3 weeks because they didn't like our attitude for being evicted. It was only fixed when I got building and safety involved. The day the owner gave me the move out notice she said "you better watch out or I'm going to cost you alot of money'. Nice little threat there. This totally could have been avoided if the broken toilet had just been replaced. There was also a mold issue to which Virginia scoffed at me saying your just ***** people and walked out. The Health Department came by and inspected the mold and it was cleaned up asap. Virginia even yelled at me one time for not saying hello to her. Move here if you want to be harassed by the manager and evicted at the whim of the owner.