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I never got my security deposit back from Literati. After you move out, they stop replying to your emails and calls entirely! I was almost evicted from my apartment too, because Literati hadn't paid the owners of the house.
Will give them no stars, this is a scam! I repeat don't rent from them! They don't pay the landlords and they will end up getting you evicted. i just found out they have 5 cases against them currently! They are very unprofessional and Edwin is a joke. They don't answer your calls, text or emails but gladly come after you when they want your money. REPEAT DON'T RENT FROM THIS COMPANY !!! Even after you find out stuff they will lie to you saying its being handled, nothing is being handled!! They are full of it and will continue to take your money with no intention of returning your security deposit.
Beware: Literati Housing has defaulted on payments to multiple landlords. They have been thrown out of their office in LIC by the court Marshalls as they have defaulted on the rent payments there as well. If you ever rent from them, you will: a) never get your deposit back ( which would be the least of your problems) b) will get thrown out on the street by the court Marshall c) your credit will be ruined as the result of the holdover lawsuit, and your name will be added to the bad tenants list, which will make it incredibly hard to rent an apt in NYC again!
They are a terrible company. They put me in a position where the owner of the house wants to have me evicted bc Literari hasn't paid the owner the rent. They don't respond to my many phone calls and emails. Also, based on other reviews I've read, I am most probably out of my security deposit. They apparently do not return anyone's security deposit. I am going to have to take them to court. Edwin, the CEO, is a terrible business man. I will never deal with this company ever again.
They are a frauds. They do not return security deposits, there is a group of people who have not received their deposits back months after vacating the property. They ask you to sign a lease termination agreement stating that you will not get back your security deposit if you write bad reviews which is totally illegal. They take your rent, but do not pay the owners of the apartment and you get evicted. I wish I knew about them before I signed up. They ignore you and block your phone and email. Edwin Sui and his staff are incompetent. BEWARE of these scam artists.
It's a scam, people! Literati employees and the CEO act nice and answer emails etc as long as they want to sell you the room, but they don't pay you back your money! I stayed with them for 4 MONTHS not years (as in review).