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I found Lipi Corp., especially Michelle Imbesi, tough, but fair. They did everything they were asked to do. They responded to service calls quickly. Their communication with us was regular. I would rent from them again.
Easiest property manager to deal with. Super friendly and great at communicating to us individually, as well as collectively as a house. Michelle always responds right away to any issue we have brought to her - which we really appreciate! Definitely would recommend.
Absolutely terrible scam. Steer clear, they take advantage of college students. Houses were not up to code.
In my opinion, the Landlord is running a scam. There were lovely pictures of the place on-line for out of state parents of Villanova students to see. At least that's what we were shown when we got on the one year waiting list for this hellhole. The pictures must have been taken over decade ago and then, this scum pit (pictured above) was the actual unit my son and his roommates received. The walls were decorated in the blood splatter of prior tenants and the floors were sprinkled with mouse feces. $7,000 (and up) is the security per unit on this 847-849 Summit Grove Ave property or over 28,000 for the entire building, which is falling down and loaded with violations. The landlord and property manager take this $28,000.00 security as a personal bonus to themselves, for allowing your kids to live in their mouse infested mold pit. The property manager is the daughter-in-law of the landlord and she gave me several fake phone numbers for the landlord, so I couldn't possibly reach him to discuss his erroneous charges at the end of the year, or the discrepancies in the lease throughout the year. His incompetent contractor is also (in my opinion) involved in this (alleged)Scam as all of the invoices and alleged charges are written by him. One fake phone number for the landlord, that was actually printed on his own letterhead, was for a local pizza parlor in Conshohocken. Basically, the landlord, the daughter-in-law and the contractor are all in this racket together (imo). Beware and Be Warned they will rip you off (imo), banking on the fact that a few thousand dollars is not worth your time and effort to travel across the country to sue them. And, don't think for a minute that they wont get continuances in court every time to ensure that you run out of money and just go away... The landlord is an X-lawyer and knows every scumbag trick in the book and (imo) he preys on out of state parents of college students. Run, Don't Walk Away From This Nightmare!!!
Horribly run company. Took more than half of the deposit, listing repairs that were not on the lease, or were clearly there when we moved in. Apartment was a mess, despite "cleaning staff" that came in. Apartment was not clean. Broken glass from windows, etc. At the end of the lease, communication was distant at best. Receipts for repairs came in with high charges for repairs that probably wont be done, seeing as how they were never fixed between the last tenant and when we moved in. Do not suggest renting with them.
Truly disappointed with Lipi Corp towards the end of our lease. Completely overcharged for normal wear and tear items and failed to give an itemized bill for any justification of charges. Took basically all of our security deposit for basic wear and tear items. Lipi Corp was nice in the beginning, but really lacked follow through during the lease term and poor communication ensued throughout the term of the lease. We lived without a bathroom floor for half a year...absurd. Once they get your money, they really don't care about you anymore. I strongly advise any future renters to avoid renting from this corporation or at least explore other options.
Recommend this company, like the manager and staff. Nice people, great prices and great space. convenient to campus!
Our house worked out for us during the year. We kept it in pretty good shape, but we were given less than half of our security deposit back. Our landlord also never gave us any notice before coming by. This company does not do business the right way.