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When I first moved into teh apartment my...
When I first moved into teh apartment my bedroom closet was falling apart, litterally. After some months the closet shelves came straight out of teh wall ( nothing was in the closet at the time since I was cleaning it). I sent pictures to Larry and emailed him. It was three months later that he came over and fixed the problem with leapored print duct tape ( yup! and I have pictures). After a month of that the shelves came down aagain. This time it took two months to have a construction company come over. I have moved out , which was a horrible experience due to the landord, and Larry wants to charge me 160.00 for teh closet. I am still currently fighting with him and will be taking legal action against him becuase of all the money that he owes me. I would never rent form these individuals ever again. Th eproperty may be nice but the property owners are NOT WORTH IT!