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Overall good experience. Management need...
Overall good experience. Management needs to work on better communication by responding to emails and answering calls.
Unprofessional. Only if you're in their ...
Unprofessional. Only if you're in their faces, maybe they can answer or do their bid.
Poor communication between management an...
Poor communication between management and buildings super. Got constant pushback for major problems such as rats and a faulty stove. Management's tactics were to send letters accusing me of denying entrance to the apartment, but failed to produce the copies to the signatures I gave to the exterminator when he came. My apartment was burglarized and suspiciosly enough, the only camera in the building was not working, and the only person who had access to it was the super. To add injury to insult, I fell behind in rent for 1 month , which I paid partially, and guess what? The took me to court, I lost days of work running from agency to agency to get help, the building manager at the office went so far as to mock me when I called asking to give me a break because I had been robbed in the apartment, and her response was basically that she didn't care. Once I end up in court I bring up the repairs needed in the apartment and they sent the super to "fix" them. He basically plastered and painted everything. As for the rat infested stove he said he had no authority to get new stoves, that I should just clean it myself, or by one where I worked at. I decided not to renew lease, called the manager to say 'I was interested in renewing the lease' and she asked me to come in and sign renewal. So I vacated apartment, took pictures, and showed up to office, boy did I tell her off, and I told her I need my deposit immediately because or else I'd go back to court since they didn't hold their end of the court stipulation, and I made sure everyone who was in the other cubicles signing leases heard me. She was extremely embarrased and said she was sorry (hypocrite imo) and 2 weeks later I got my deposit. Now, I thought I was done there. The *****'s lawyer was slick when he signed the agreement with me in court, he made sure nothing in it said he'd have to inform the court nor the credit bureau that the stipulation was satisfied and one year after the whole thing, it showed up in my credit report that I had an open case in court...smh. I had to once again start calling these people and their lawyer and they gave me the run around all over again. Long story short: I got that removed from my credit report 2 weeks ago, 1 year and 5 months later!!!! These people are the quintessential example of corporate machinery that'll grind you under their weight in a second if you try to hold them accountable to their end of the lease agreement. My advice: stay away unless either you are a lawyer yourself, or the type of property you're trying to get into is for 6 figured salary folks...for everyone else...I cannot stress enough: STAY AWAY.