Lauren Abramowitz

Newport Beach, CA

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almost nothing got done properly while he was incarcerated. completely untrustworthy landlords. they often times state work will be done to keep tenant in the house, but delay or completely change their position once the season changes to summer and they have the upper hand (the location is close to the beach). the work done to maintain the house was more often than not done below par. this often requires the repair to be done multiple times, which then obligates the tenant to be there (unless you trust the workers). the jobs that do get fixed get a half-hearted approach, such a replacing some of the leaking window frames, and then leaving the others until they get have a significant failure too. completely laughable statements like saying that the ten year old carpet in our unit was in better shape than what they have in their house (which has no bearing anyway. they could live on dirt floors, or floors of solid gold. what matters is the flooring that we as tenants pay for).