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Kenosha, WI

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At the moment while still living at this...
At the moment while still living at this current property I am enjoying every moment of my new home.The yard is well kept and I know that I have a phenomenal property manager that respond to my concerns when needed to or fellow employees when not available.Thanks Landquest for making me feel comfortable at home.The home was clean and nice white walls and was ready to move in that I was more than excited about especially with the private balcony.I am so happy to call this place my home.
Land Quest is an absolute joke! By far ...
Land Quest is an absolute joke! By far the worst company I’ve ever had dealt with. Whatever you do, DON’T RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. I wish I could rate them 0 stars because that’s what they deserve. Unfortunately I’m still renting from them because the market is out of control in Bristol, WI and they bought out the previous owner, but this is the worst experience I’ve ever had in all of my years of renting. They cancel EVERY work order that I or my neighbors put in without any explanation. One neighbor’s heat went out in the dead of winter and they canceled the work order. I had exposed wires from my water heater and they specifically said to keep my daughter away from it because it could electrocute her yet they still canceled the work order. They have zero communication with our on site property manager, whom we love and they kept on when they took over, but people move in/out and he has no clue it’s even happening. Now we’re dealing with a trash collection issue. It’s been 2 weeks and our garage has not been picked up. I informed management and was told to send my complaints to maintenance. Sent said complaints to maintenance and got no response. Contacted management again and was told maintenance is aware of it. Ok, so when are they going to do something about it??? And why isn’t the garbage company coming anymore? Did you not pay the bill? I’m sure my monthly rent alone covers it since they overcharge the ***** out of their tenants for the lack of service they provide to their properties. The last thing I heard was, we’re not sure when it will be handled, I just know that they’re aware of it. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! YOU’LL REGRET IT!!