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Kelli Carvalho-Lopez is truly an incompetent and unreliable building manager. While I'm grateful that recently she's not gone to her micromanaging extremes, she can and has recently shown her other side as irresponsible. She makes appointments she does not keep. We take the time to meet with her or we prepare and wait for her to show up at our apartments for a special task and she leaves us that day high and dry, a total no-show with no warning nor explanation or rescheduling follow up after. Then we are left to wait the next day for her just in case Kelli got the dates mixed up, which she has done before. This time she was a no-show again. She doesn't care that we take time off from our lives and jobs that help pay for our rent. What makes matters worst is when this happens, no one can get in touch with her, she does a complete MIA, which is not only frustrating, but it makes us wonder if she'll follow through with all her other appointments to follow. This creates distrust and uncertainty. Behavior like this is disrespectful, irresponsible, completely incompetent, unprofessional is inexcusable, completely unacceptable and would not be accepted in any other workplace. At this point, in any other business situation Kelli would've been fired. This is why despite how Kelli despises and has no respect for us, she hangs on to her job as our building manager, because she gets away with all the b.s. she couldn't do anywhere else. She's lucky she's the manager of a poor, privately owned apartment building, because her practices or lack.of them wouldn't be tolerated working in the public. Kelli Carvalho Lopez proves everyday at Kewalo Apartments that she could never work in any professional workplace, so we're stuck being cursed by her as our terrible manager. One would think that after all these years of Kelli Lopez getting into the troubles that she keeps getting into that keeps her from now and then doing her job at Kewalo Apartments, she would have a system in place for her to at least have someone to get in touch with the building owner to get in touch with us about what's going on. Then again, when you're incompetent and have no respect nor regard for a group of people that you're leaching the living and life off of, you don't feel like you have to bother with such professionalisms. All I have to say is this, if Kelli dislikes, has no respect for us, and can't keep it together with her job here at Kewalo Apartments, she should not work for us!
Krazy Kelli of Kewalo Apartments is a paranoid drug addicted corrupt crooked party girl that is either harassing and going rage crazy in tenants faces or is neglectful, difficult and couldn't care less unless there's a ton of money in it for her. Kelli Lopez is one of the most unprofessional building managers out there, has shameful favoritism going on at Kewalo Apartments and sets tenants against eachother with harmful gossip. Kelli Lopez is a lying, cheating con artist. If considering moving here, don't, turn around, most of us are trying to escape this crazy woman. If you're a new owner of Kewalo Apartments, do yourself and everyone a favor, save yourself and everyone from all the drama and get rid of Kelli right away. If you're looking to be a possible investor in Kewalo Apartments, don't donate till Kelli is gone. Your money isn't going in the right direction than you think.