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Melbourne, FL

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Justin Lobb is a horrible landlord, do n...
Justin Lobb is a horrible landlord, do not rent. The condo that he owns and rents is overall not in bad condition. The problem is dealing with him as a landlord and his sister, Kristen Lobb, who comes with the condo as a roommate. I feared for my safety while living here because the roommate, Kristen, take part in illegal activities that was against the lease. The landlord was aware of the activities and did not act. There were numerous problems with not being treated as an equal tenet to the sister. The sister has to approve of every decoration, every guest, the temperature of the house etc. If they were not agreeable with her, there was no compromise. Kristen threw constant temper tantrums based on her mood, often as a result from her job which she hates. This resulted in drinking and drugs making the condo unsafe to live in. Upon a disagreement with the sister on the air temperature, the landlord emailed me that my lease would end the next month and that I was to move out. My response, asking for an explanation, was ignored four five days, and only answered when I texted him and his sister. A couple days before my lease was to expire, I came home, and the locks were changed. Again Justin did not answer me, it was his mother, who visited unexpectedly that has to let me in, only for a few short minutes, to collect my things and then leave again. THIS IS ILLEGAL and violates Florida law. I was treated like a criminal in my own home because the family conspired against me since I was unhappy with the unfair treatment and dangerous conditions I was forced to live in. I would not recommend Justin as a landlord or his sister Kristen as a roommate.