Josh Willis

Philadelphia, PA

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Josh had 2 months prior to my moving in to fix a few issues (carpet cleaning, painting, washer/dryer installation, dishwasher installation, heating repairs). They were not resolved. I was not able to move in as early as I had originally planned because of this. In the middle of December, the heat was not working and was not fixed in a timely manner. He also would show up to my apartment unannounced to fix things (for example, he knocked on my door one morning and said "Oh, I thought you would have left by now." I had no idea he was coming) or with only 30 minutes notice. When confronted, he gets very aggressive. He shares way too much personal information and has inappropriately invited female tenants to whiskey tastings and house parties. I know that his wife has accused him of having an affair (again, too much personal information). There is no fire escape.